A Holiday Challenge

I recently had a group of women come to my studio for an OM Circle – we sat together, did some light yoga stretching and breathing exercises, then got down to the business of the evening: 108 OM chants.

Om circle crop

The origin of performing 108 OM chants comes from the meaning of the individual numbers 1, 0, and 8, which represent one thing, nothing, and everything (infinity).

I feel so lucky and blessed to have had the opportunity to be together with such an incredible group of people and to be able to commune with them in a spiritual way. And it was so wonderful to see people from all walks of life come together to build connections they might not otherwise build outside our circle!

This got me thinking –

it’s the holiday season, and we all have a tendency to feel a little crazy during this hectic time of year. I’d like to challenge us all to DO BETTER and TRY HARDER during this holiday season.

holding wine glassAs you find yourself with your friends and loved ones, make an effort to connect with one another and maybe even meet new people you may not have had the opportunity to know in the past.

Most importantly, leave your own mess at the door and welcome new experiences with open arms. You never know who or what will walk into your life when you least expect it.


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Living Consciously with Samskara Impression

In Sanskrit, the ancient language of India, Samskara means “impression in the heart.” This is the feeling and inspiration behind my business, my products, and truly, my life. But what does this really mean?

For me, it means living consciously and being aware of how I am treating myself and others. It means feeling good AND looking good. I put my heart and soul into my work in the hope that this will translate into beautiful products. But to be able to do this, you have to get your life in order first!

Living consciously is a choice.

Living consciously means I am in alignment with my greater good. Living consciously means I know when I am and when I am not in the groove. Its like your life is one big jigsaw puzzle and either the pieces fit perfectly or they don’t. We all know when you try to jam a puzzle piece in (that’d be your ego) and it doesn’t fit. That little nagging voice (no, not the one that tells you to step away from the new Spring bags and shoes); I mean the one that says “this doesn’t FEEL right — something is OFF here.”

That voice is EVERYTHING. It tells you how to proceed. The key is to LISTEN!! Yes people, it’s that simple.

In order to listen you have to slow down, be quiet and check in. How else will your inner voice be heard? Put down the IPad, Blackberry, laptop, People Magazine and be heard!

tin manThis is a very scary and courageous way to live. It means going off the grid for short periods of time on a daily basis. I don’t want to frighten you but its called meditation. Yes, the M word. If the word intimidates you call it “quiet time.” Its a cure all for so many things (anxiety attacks, road rage, overeating, maxed out credit cards).

You should see how beautiful my normally ragged and chewed cuticles look. Every time I unconsciously find myself zeroing in on a good hangnail I stop, take a breath (or two or three) and relax my body. It takes the urge away. Please don’t hesitate to stop me on the street and ask to see my hands!

Go ahead and try it yourself – take a stab at defining what living consciously would like for you. It is different for everyone.

I’d love to hear about your journey – leave me a comment or send me an email at SamskaraImpression(at)gmail(dot)com.

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