photo 1Samskara, means “impression in the heart” in Sanskrit.

It is the inspiration behind this line of beautifully crafted shoulder bags made of 100% silk sari fabric from India. They are elegant yet bohemian; exotic yet sleek. Think Bollywood meets preppy! The bags have a button closure, inside pocket and come with a mini, matching drawstring pouch. Samskara bags are perfectly chic accessories for everyday and come in an array of colors that match everything.

photo 2The Back Story…

I am a yoga/meditation teacher who bought a stunning sari in India. I longed to wear it; realized I wouldn’t; so I used the material to make a bag! Everywhere I go people stop me and ask: “where did you get your fabulous bag?” Shopping in stores, sitting in airports, going to the beach and just walking down the street, the bag never ceases to attract admirers. I manufactured a sample run of 50 which sold out quickly. Yoga students and friends bought the bags for themselves, and as gifts for their daughters and friends. One woman even bought them as gifts for her bridal party.